Where Are The Best Places To Have A Secluded Caribbean Vacation?

There are several great to have a secluded Caribbean vacation. The first place is Anguilla. Anguilla is a small island that is full of white sand beaches, great dining, and friendly people. The most popular beaches in Anguilla is Captains Bay, Island Harbour, and Savannah Bay. Anguilla is well known for its BBQ and Chinese restaurants. The second place is Bonaire. Bonaire is known for its diving adventures. It is sunny all year round in Bonaire. The most popular places in Bonaire are Marine Park and Washington Park. There is also a small uninhabited island just off Bonaire called Klein Bonaire.

The third place is St. Barths. St. Barths is full of volcanic rock with a variety of mix of iguanas, night-blooming cactus, and fabulous beaches. This means that there are also some luxury yachts, designer boutiques, and celebrities on the island. The island was first discovered by Christopher Columbus. The fourth place is St. Lucia. St. Lucia is a very romantic place for a couple to get a way to. The island’s best features are the rain forest, Piton Mountains, and natural waterfalls. Couples can also bring their children along to the island because they have an on site water park.

The fifth place is Guadeloupe. Guadeloupe is a butterfly shaped island that is connected through a narrow canal. The food of Guadeloupe is in the creole and french style of cuisine with more than 200 restaurants on the island. The best place is to enjoy the beach is Grand Anse. The sixth place is Dominican Republic. Dominican Republic is most famous for its beaches with 800 miles of coastline. The beaches have beautiful white sand and crystal clear blue water. Therefore, there are plenty of water sports to enjoy while you are on the island.

These are just some of the best places to have a secluded Caribbean vacation.

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