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Interesting Things To Do On A Great Barrier Reef Vacation

Whether you have been to the Great Barrier Reef before in your life or if this is your first trip and vacation to the beautiful spot, there are plenty of interesting things to do on a Great Barrier Reef vacation regardless of how many times you have visited in your past.

A popular island in the Great Barrier Reef and location is Wilson Island. At its maximum, only 12 guests are able to stay on the island at one time, sleeping in tents on wooden floors (while also including a king-sized bed and veranda). There are no organized activities when staying on Wilson Island, so it is ideal for the ultimate “getaway” from traditional life stresses and worries.

Another island to visit while in the Great Barrier Reef is Lizard Island, especially if you are seeking adventure and want to partake in a slew of water sports. Snorkeling and diving services and opportunities are available throughout Lizard Island, which is ideal if you are looking to explore some wildlife and some of the world’s widest array of sea life and creatures. There are also multiple fishing spots and locations off of Lizard Island if you want to fish for tuna, sailfish, giant dart, and even black marlins!

What Are The Top Beach Vacation Ideas?

The ocean has a way of causing excitement and relaxation at the same time. The fresh air sun and sand can bring us all back to childhood days of spending time at the beach. If it is time for you to experience this again, try renting a cottage by the sea, for the whole family to enjoy. Rentals are available, nightly, weekly or for a month or more. When you stay directly on the beach you can experience the ocean at every time of the day for memories that will last a lifetime.

Most rentals include kitchens, so making picnic lunches and dinners on the beach will be possible. Watching the sunset as you sip wine and listen to the surf is a great way to end the day. Boogie boarding, sand castle building and hunting for shells can keep the children busy all day long.

You may chose to plan a vacation with another family and share the cost of a rental. If this family has children, it can help keep your kids occupied all day long. Dinners together can help you save money of this family vacation. Bring back childhood memories for yourself and create new memories for your family with a beach vacation.

What Are The Most Romantic New England Vacation Ideas?

From Boston to Vermont and the islands of Maine, New England is a spot for romance. Whether enjoying a night overlooking the the Boston Harbor or enjoying the foliage of the Vermont mountains, there is something for everyone.

  • Cape Cod in the winter is a secluded beach venue where you will not have to deal with the crowds, enjoy your stay at a secluded bed and breakfast away from everyone.

  • Go ice skating on Boston’s Frog Pond. Then warm up with a romantic dinner at one of Boston’s top restaurants.

  • Head up to the quaint town of Woodstock, Vermont and enjoy the foliage at one of the prettiest villages in New England.

  • Snuggle up to a fire at an inn on Peak’s Island, Maine. Only a twenty-minute ferry ride from Portland. In the winter there may not be many people, but you aren’t looking for people!

  • Enjoy a quiet gondola ride at dusk in Providence, RI as you take in the views of the river walk while enjoying some cheese and crackers, and romantic Italian music.

New England is filled with nooks and crannies of seclusion to be enjoyed by couples looking to get away.

What Are The Top Roadside Attractions In The United States?

With so many roadside attractions in the United States, there has never been a better reason to drive across the country to destinations like Texas or Florida.

One amazing roadside attraction to visit is the Ave Maria Grotto in Cullman, Alabama. This attraction features 125 mini sculptures created to mirror famous religious buildings.

Graceland Too is another must-see attraction. This Elvis Presley fan site is located between Graceland and Tupelo. The site contains thousands of pieces of antique Elvis Presley memorabilia. The entrance fee is only 5.

Snake Alley can offer a fun driving experience, as it is a road literally constructed in the shape of a snake. This road was constructed in the early 1900s, when engineers thought its shape would be conducive to horse drawn carriages. Instead, the road has simply turned into one of the most impractical roads and unusual scenes in Burlington, Iowa.

Visiting the world’s largest Santa Clause is also a great roadside distraction. The world’s largest Santa Clause is located in the North Pole, Arkansas. He was built in 1962 and requires a new paint job every year.

These are just a few of the top roadside attractions the United States has to offer bored drivers.

Summer Proof Your Tampa Home

Tampa Bay is a great place to live but with summer coming up residents here should take a few precautionary steps to make sure their homes are ready for hotter weather. Here are a few of our suggestions for keeping your Florida property safe through the summer.

Check for leaks. If you’re worried about your cooling bills in the hot summer months, you may want to invest in an energy audit for your home. This means you may need to invest in things like new the doors or sears windows but the money you put in will be paid back in the long run through your energy bills.
Protect your exterior. If your home is made of vulnerable siding or stucco you might have to put in a little extra work to get it summer ready. Consider resealing your home’s exterior or investing in a heat shield to protect it from the sun.

Get ready for weather. Everyone knows the weather in Tampa can be unpredictable at times so make sure your home is ready for things like hurricanes in the rainy season. Check gutters, make sure you have flood insurance and have your roof inspected for stability.