Interesting Things To Do On A Great Barrier Reef Vacation

Whether you have been to the Great Barrier Reef before in your life or if this is your first trip and vacation to the beautiful spot, there are plenty of interesting things to do on a Great Barrier Reef vacation regardless of how many times you have visited in your past.

A popular island in the Great Barrier Reef and location is Wilson Island. At its maximum, only 12 guests are able to stay on the island at one time, sleeping in tents on wooden floors (while also including a king-sized bed and veranda). There are no organized activities when staying on Wilson Island, so it is ideal for the ultimate “getaway” from traditional life stresses and worries.

Another island to visit while in the Great Barrier Reef is Lizard Island, especially if you are seeking adventure and want to partake in a slew of water sports. Snorkeling and diving services and opportunities are available throughout Lizard Island, which is ideal if you are looking to explore some wildlife and some of the world’s widest array of sea life and creatures. There are also multiple fishing spots and locations off of Lizard Island if you want to fish for tuna, sailfish, giant dart, and even black marlins!

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