Summer Proof Your Tampa Home

Tampa Bay is a great place to live but with summer coming up residents here should take a few precautionary steps to make sure their homes are ready for hotter weather. Here are a few of our suggestions for keeping your Florida property safe through the summer.

Check for leaks. If you’re worried about your cooling bills in the hot summer months, you may want to invest in an energy audit for your home. This means you may need to invest in things like new the doors or sears windows but the money you put in will be paid back in the long run through your energy bills.
Protect your exterior. If your home is made of vulnerable siding or stucco you might have to put in a little extra work to get it summer ready. Consider resealing your home’s exterior or investing in a heat shield to protect it from the sun.

Get ready for weather. Everyone knows the weather in Tampa can be unpredictable at times so make sure your home is ready for things like hurricanes in the rainy season. Check gutters, make sure you have flood insurance and have your roof inspected for stability.

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