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Recommendations For Web Design

When designing a website many people get lost in the details. This often leads to a site which is not user-friendly or does not offer the information the visitors need. There are certain recommendations that all web designers  like Gggmarketing.com/tampa/web-design/
should consider before they start.


When most visitors land on your site, they will not be critiquing the design. They will usually be looking for certain information or to complete a set of actions. By adding unnecessary design elements, you will make it harder for your visitors, and they might leave without doing anything.

Simplicity is your friend in web design, particularly regarding colors, typefaces, and graphics. With colors, you should not use too many as this can be jarring to the eye. Your typefaces have to be legible, and you should not use more than three different sizes on your site. The graphics should not overpower and can be used to identify what the site does or help you visitor complete actions.

Have Visual Hierarchy

Visual hierarchy is the organization and arrangement of the different elements of your web page. It is important that you visual hierarchy allows the visitor’s eyes to gravitate to the most important aspects of the site first. The goal of this is to lead your visitors to complete certain actions which are beneficial to your business.

To achieve visual hierarchy, you should adjust the position, size, and color of certain elements. The elements that are most important should draw the eye first. When positioning elements, remember that most visitors scan websites from left to right so have the elements you want to be seen first on this path.

Easy Navigation

Having an intuitive and easy to use navigation system on your site is vital. This enables your visitors to find the information they need. Ideally, when a visitor lands on your site, they should be able to find what they want without too much thinking about where they have to click. Some tips to increase navigation on your site include:

• Having a simple structure for primary navigation usually near the top of the page

• Include a navigation footer on each website page

• Use breadcrumbs on pages other than the homepage to show users where they are

• Always include a search box near the top of the page

• Do not offer too many navigation options on any pages

• Try and keep navigation to 3 levels

• Include links to other pages of your website within the page content

• Keep your top navigation consistent throughout the website


It is not only navigation that needs to be consistent, but the overall feel and looks of your site. The background, colors, and typeface should remain the same across all pages. Of course, this does not mean that every page of your website should have the same layout.

If you are going to have different types of pages like landing pages and information pages you can have layouts for each page type. This keeps the consistency for the page types and the overall website.


Desktops and laptops are not the only way that people view websites, and you need to remember this. With tablet and mobile phone access on the rise, it is important that your website is compatible with multiple device types. Some web designers will use only responsive designs that fit on all device types. Other designers will simply add alt-text to all their images, so visitors who cannot see the web page still know what it is about.

When you look at web design, there are many recommendations that you have to consider. You need to think about how easy it is for your user to navigate and find elements as well as the consistency of the design. It is important that you also consider multiple device compatibilities.